Thursday, June 18, 2009

Designer - Rebecca Turbow

I have a designer crush and her name is Rebecca Turbow. I have watched her designs for a few years, ever since I read about her all-turquoise outfits (seriously, she only wore turquoise for, like, seven years. she had to dye all her own clothes to get the color right). She has recently transitioned into wearing all gray, which I think is just lovely, and her designs incorporate tiny bits of other pastelish colors into her strict palette.

Her new (and more economical) line, Safe by Rebecca Turbow, launches today and is tauted as a "fast-fashion for thinking-people". I want to wear pretty much everything in the collection:

AND, SAFE F/W (out September) is going to be all lovely, lovely coats. I can hardly wait! Don't be surprised when you see me walking around in this one:

I also will probably forgo pants so that everyone can just focus on the jacket.

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