Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Vintage Themed Bridal Shower: Handkerchiefs

My blog cohort and dear friend MLE is getting married next month, and I was lucky enough to get to help throw her bridal shower.

She's marrying a man with the last name Pahnke (that's pronounced "panky") which means I HAD to throw her a "hanky pahnke" themed bridal shower. Obviously. But, I made sure to keep it cute with lots of vintage hankies to balance out the panky.

We started off with the invites - I used my handy gocco to screen the invitations onto a stack of vintage hankies, and mailed them out in velum envelopes so that you could get a peek at what was inside. Each invitation was colorful and unique:

At the party itself, we incorporated vintage hankies into all the decor. I hung a vintage handkerchief bunting, and single handkerchiefs folded over the backs of the chairs:

And, we used even more hankies as accents under all the serving dishes. We used lots of white vintage milk glass to serve the food on, which means the hankies really added a nice touch of color to everything:

I love the subtle vintage feel that all those hankies gave the party.

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