Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Eagle Eye

I've already gone into how much I like Estate Sales, and am on the mailing list for several Bay Area companies to keep me in the second-hand scavenging loop. One of the lists always sends photos of the sales so that you can get excited about the stuff that they are selling before you get there. Problem is, half the time it backfires because the pictures are usually sub-par, and usually look mostly full of junk.

Like last weeks? There were TEN pages of photos like this:

Blech. Precious plush. Booooring.

Wires. Things with wires sticking out of them. Boring.

Yawn. Boring.

Argh. Boooooring.

This picture did peak my interest a little ... because seriously - that carpet and that couch? Together? Living in harmony in the same room? This means these people might have some other tricks up their sleeves.

And then the VERY last picture, on the VERY last page...do you see what I see, poking up out of all that other junk? A red roundie!

I memorized the look of the outdoor location, made sure I showed up right when the doors opened, bee-lined for the backyard, and proudly waltzed out with a new mint red round suitcase.

Estate Sale success!

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