Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Vintage Finds: Foldaways

MLE and I were drooling over this wonderful baby blue vintage aluminum folding desk today, and got excited about vintage pieces that get all KinderEgg compact to save space and make them portable.

These are a few of my favorite vintage folding/compact finds:

vintage metal folding desk

vintage suitcase/folding table
This one comes from my personal collection, and is perfect for picnics! The faux red snakeskin is pretty fun too.

vintage compact table and camping chairs

The table folds up suitcase size with the chairs inside, locks & has a handle so that you can take it anywhere you want to go!

vintage Ritec folding picnic/camping table and bench chairs
I was with my friend when she stumbled upon one of these in a thrift store and we freaked out about how small the table AND benches could fold up to make a portable picnic table. (It isn't light, though, so you won't want to haul it too far).

(table images from vintagecaravans)


Merry said...

I found one like your second one - the metal red one with the fold out legs in Fort Collins, Colorado in a thrift store - it barely fit inside my big suitcase but it made it back ok. I have a vintage travel trailer I am restoring and my theme is the Merry Wanderer so this will be perfect to add to my collection of old suitcases and I can use it to! I was trying to find others online and yours is the only so far I have found like it. Merry

kunstkammer said...

I have one of those as well and this is the first time I've seen any others! Got it long ago, can't remember where. I had a yard sale yesterday and set up stuff on it but all people wanted to buy was that suitcase table! I can't find any information on it anywhere.

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