Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Shop Preview: Dress to Impress

Get yourself invited to a party, stat. We've got some new items coming to the shop that are begging to be worn out and about. You can follow us on twitter to know as soon as we post something.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Animal Head Art: Missed Connections

I've seen this site posted about on a few blogs, and got a kick out of the wonderfully illustrated Missed Connections, as interpreted by the talented Sophie Blackall. (Skimming the Missed Connections on Craigslist used to be a morning ritual until my work started blocking the site. Sigh.)

I decided I had to share this one in particular for obvious reasons:

see more illustrations here.
buy prints here.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Vintage Shopping: Leather Satchel

I've been hankering for a cross-body leather satchel/purse lately.

I found these two lovely ones at allencompanyinc that are pretty much scratching that itch ...

I wish I could justify the purchase of both. (I opted for the brown one. But as of right this second, that black Coach purse is still up for grabs for a measly $65)

Friday, March 26, 2010

DIY Holidays: Vintage Silk Tie Dyed Easter Eggs

Easter is next week, and I have always loved this project where you can dye easter eggs using old vintage silk ties.

All you need are some 100% silk ties (your local thrift store should have a bevy in fun patterns) and some white vinegar. Full instructions found here. (Of course, Martha Stewart featured it first).

Aren't the finished products wonderful?

(all photos from Our Best Bites)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Vintage Shopping: Eyeglasses

I wear glasses every day of my life, and am always looking for fun novelty frames to add to my collection. At the Vintage Expo I was excited to discover a shop called Allyn Scura with one of the largest selections of vintage glasses that I have seen in one place. Most of the frames were 'new-old-stock,' which means they've never even been worn. They do have a website, but the stock listed there is pretty limited. You should check these guys out in person at one of the shows they do (mostly southern california, it appears). It is easier to see which frames look best on you in person anyway.

(a few favorites from the Allyn Scura website)

Another great online source of vintage eyewear is the etsy shop Vintage50sEyewear.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Vintage Inspired: Shoes

At the Vintage Expo last weekend, one of the vendors, Rubaiyat, was selling some pretty great locally handmade shoes. I have big feet, which means vintage shoes in good shape aren't always easy to come by for the clunkers I walk around on. The great thing about Rubaiyat is, they say "if you can dream it, we can make it." They've been making handcrafted shoes for 40 odd years now, so they know what they are doing.

I only grabbed a few shots before they asked me to stop taking photos (when i'm just giving them free press. hmph), but hopefully you can get a sense of the fun chunky styles and bold leathers that they use:

Another good resource for reproduction vintage shoes is always ReMix Vintage.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Vintage Shopping Destination: Vintage Expo 2010

Over the weekend I ended up at the Vintage Expo here in San Francisco. This show features about 80 sellers, hawking everything from serious couture to simple little day dresses. Everything I saw was in exquisite condition, but usually had the pricetag to match. Still - if you are looking for a really nice, unique dress or suit for some sort of special occasion, this would be a good place to find it.

Vintage Expo
Santa Monica in February, April, October
San Francisco in March and September




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