Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Knowing What You Gots

Vintage shopping is a variable thing. Sometimes you are on the hunt for something specific, and other times you just let yourself be led. A few years back Bex and I spent some time poking around at flea markets and basement museum shops in Moscow. We fell in love with the cold war space art, but couldn't afford any of the big pieces. I stumbled on several strips (about 8 inches long, each image is about 2 inches by 1.5 inches wide) of cosmonaut propaganda. They've been hanging above my monitor at work for two years now. And then!(my favorite of the lot, the nobel dog-mo-nauts)

Yesterday I was purusing the blog world (apologies, since I can't figure out where I saw this), but I stumbled on maraid's match box label set on flickr. What did my wondering eyes see? In addition to some truly beautiful soviet era art, I saw my little images! Mystery solved, I have inadvertently bought unused match book labels. Even better maraid has lots of great notes and info on each label--- their flickr site is a treasure trove.
If you want to get in on this action, and don't want to fly to Mother Russia, you can do what maraid did-- hit this ebay search. And happy surfing-- I could spend hours on that flickr site!

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lillie said...

fun finds!

just saw your comment at for me, for you, and i love your "consume less, produce more" motto for the year. well and simply said!

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