Saturday, April 2, 2016

Designer to Know: Pronto

I stumbled upon this pair of acrylic Pronto novelty sweaters from the 70's that I found amusing, featuring Groucho Marx and W.C. Fields (both now available to purchase in the shop). 

While researching the brand, I found that they actually had featured an impressive line-up of comedians and actors including: 

Charlie Chaplain

Jack Benny

Laurel and Hardy

Little Orphan Annie

I found a few other photos of good ol' Groucho, but mine was the only W.C.Fields that I could find. It seems like a fairly random selection of entertainers that they've chosen to immortalize in acrylic, but I like the results. Fun!

I couldn't find anything about the company itself, though. Anyone know their history? I see a lot of 80's/90's sweaters out there by Pronto-Uomo, but I don't think it is the same maker.

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