Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Aye-Aye Captain

I've always had a thing for uniforms-- they just look so crisp, and nicely retro. Cribbing the uniform style is one way to look professional and yet hip (the holy grail of vintage dressing for me these days). Sailthouforth put me onto this site-- a comprehensive collection of stewardess uniforms. So much eye candy.

Basic things to think about if you want to copy this look-- phrases like epaulette, pussy bow, pencil skirt, fitted jacket, and scarves, scarves, scarves would be a good start. Let us know what you find (and yes, we will be posting things that fit these terms in the shop). Be prepared to waste a lot of time looking at all those uniforms, and consider buying some of our adorable vintage luggage to tote with you

1 comment:

bex said...

i flew Qantas a few years ago and wanted their uniforms so badly!

ps. i never liked the phrase 'pussy bow' much, and feel a little dirty any time i search for it on eBay.

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