Monday, June 8, 2009

Locksmithing: salvage your locked vintage suitcase

My friend Collin found this little green suitcase on the street yesterday and gave it to me. It was in perfect condition - a lovely green tweed - and the only problem was the pesky three-number combination was locked.

Rendered useless? Not so! Who would have known, but the boy named Derek had some lock-picking experience, and was able to figure out the combination without using force or trying all 64,000 possible combination to find out. He just pushed on the lock as if he were going to open it, and then wiggled each number until it felt loose. Voila! He figured out the combination.

As it turns out, there are lots of video tips online to figure out how to how to open a combination lock, so if you find the perfect vintage luggage, don't let a little secret combination stand in your way!

The best news? The inside of my suitcase was pristine, after having been locked away for who knows how many years!

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