Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Judging Books by their Covers

I know it is pretty hard to beat the loveliness of a dusty old hardcover book with beautifully embossed cover, but Penguin is starting to publish the classics in a new line of some of the prettiest hardcover books I've seen, rivaling those old vintage covers (designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith). I hear they sell out all over, but Amazon is releasing this set at the end of this month. Wuthering Heights! The Picture of Dorian Gray! Pride and Prejudice!

Doesn't it make you want every one of them lined up on your bookshelf?

(order them on Amazon here)

I dunno. On one hand, I'm glad that we are producing beautiful products (I mean, if you are going to own the classics, they might as well be really pretty, right?) but on the other, I feel like this is another case of ripping off the perfection of the past and making it easy to own these vintage inspired covers without all the hard work of searching for the real vintage books. I feel like many people would still argue that the old books are more unique and maybe preferable to these new ones. What do you think?


m l e said...

It's hard.. of course I'd RATHER find a set of old pretty ones JUST like this.. but if I get a set of pretty ones now.. eventually they will be old.

bex said...

ha ha. good point.

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