Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Outfit Inspiration - Glee!

Have you guys seen Glee? It has some kind of crazy story lines, lots of singing, choreographed group dancing, and ... the guidance counselor named Emma wears some pretty killer outfits.

They are a little preppier than I usually go for, but I am still really taken by all the strong color combos and great monochromatic outfits reminiscent of something perfectly polished that you could pull off with the help of JCrew or Kate Spade. Notice, she seems to rock a few vintage-inspired accessories, like prim sweater clasps and large flowered necklaces and brooches too.

(all photos from midwestern cliche).


m l e said...

She does MAGICAL things with those sweater clips. Nice work digging up those pix, Bex!

Ms. White said...

i've only seen the show once but i thought the same thing! i seriously love her outfits! i may need to watch more...Thanks for the pictures!

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