Thursday, May 21, 2009

Trend Alert: Socks with Sandals

I'm off to Portland for the Memorial Day weekend. The weather here in SF has been hot enough for sandals, but Portland is going to be just a tad chillier, and I'd hate to lose the steam my summer is picking up by having to dress for the cold.


Socks with Sandals.

Hey - don't hate. Ms. Chloƫ Sevigny was rockin them at Coachella this year....

And the runway is trying to make believers out of us as well.

(via Because I'm Addicted and Style Frizz)

I'm not totally convinced quite yet (the socks with heels seems like an easy sell, but the socks with birks?)...

But, it is tempting to be able to keep your toes warm while wearing summer fashion. And cover up a gnarly foot in need of a pedi. And think of the tanlines you'll get!

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