Sunday, May 10, 2009

Estate Sale finds

I'm a sucker for estate sales - I know it is a little morbid, but we all know that estate sales have the real treasures because it is the stuff that someone held onto and wouldn't have gotten rid of if they hadn't died.

I try to go to one every few weeks, and though they are pretty hit or miss (depending on the recently deceased) the one I went to this morning was fun. I got there a little late, and just as you always fear they will, someone named "Bravo" had already been there before me and put their sticky notes on a bunch of things that were pretty great. This little rocking chair for a kid was adorable:

And this askew bright orange pitcher set was great.

Curse you, Bravo! I hate seeing the things I miss out on walk out in front of me.

I still managed to come home with some gems. This little round faux snakeskin hatbox is great, and I have been considering one of these tiered glove holders for awhile, so it was nice to find one that I didn't have to order from the internet. And the slip! I have been way into silky little slips for the past few months, and this one has such cute pleats I couldn't pass it up, even though the dude at the door wouldn't give me a discount on it at all.

I also picked up a little black dress with a bow on the front for AHV, so it will probably make its way into the shop in the next few weeks.

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