Friday, May 15, 2009

Bathing Beauties - inspiration for summer

Everyone is doing the round up of summer swim, so we should probably throw our picks into the pile. I always allow myself one new suit every year, (I generously allow myself as many vintage suits as I can find), and this year decided to splurge on this cute suit from Anthro. The skirted bottom is so perfect.

I am loving that for the past few years it has been so easy to find modern suits with vintage cuts. My American thighs (and butt) appreciate a little extra modesty.

orla: (a little splurgey, but so so cute)

Hayden Harnett:

Paul Smith:


kiminchi and blue:

betsey johnson


And of course, no beach trip is properly accessorized without one of these:

There is no place you can buy one, so you are on your own to find yours this summer.

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