Thursday, May 28, 2009

Father's Day Idea: the pampered mustache

While in Portland, I visited many an antique store. I dragged a certain bearded man around with me, and as reward for never complaining once, I bought him his own mustache protector teacup (offically called a Mustache Guard). Have you seen these things? They are usually these little dainty teacups, with a mustache shaped protector built right into the rim for the manly men that will be sipping their tea.

Mustache Guard teacups and mugs! Can you say best ever Father's Day gift for the hairy man in your life?

I did a little research on how they came to be. Apparently they first showed up around 1830, because those dandy Victorian mustaches were no match for the constant tea parties they were attending. Either the mustache wax melted in the cup, or the dye ran everywhere, or the mustaches got stained from the tea. Solution? The mustache protector, built right into the cup. (a funny history of them written here)

There are always lots to choose from on eBay and etsy, though I liked this one:

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