Friday, March 9, 2012

Estate Sale Finds: Sewing Stuff

Estate sales of "sewers" are always fun because it often helps me feel better about the stash of unfinished projects that I also have sitting by my machine. I'm always glad that I'm not the only one being inspired by fabrics and notions and then not having time to actually make them into something. I think it is that there is so much potential in an un-cut pattern and pretty fabrics and trims - I have almost as much fun just imagining the finished products that can come from raw materials as I do trying to sew them together.

The real gems of this sale were two pieces of really amazing vintage Marimekko fabric from the early 70s. I love Marimekko, and I'm almost too afraid to actually cut this stuff up and use it. The pressure to make something great is kind of paralyzing:

Any projects you're excited about? Sewing triumphs?

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