Monday, April 12, 2010

DIY: Lace Fingernails

Spied this tutorial for lace fingernails over on Behind the Seams the other day, and immediately wanted to start shopping for 80s prom dresses to rock these lace fingernails with.

DIY your own rockin' fingers!

Supplies you will need:

* clear top coat (top coat is designed to dry hard and protect your nails from scratches and chips, so don't just use any ol' clear polish)
* scissors
* toothpick
* black LACE
* a little patience

Step 1: Measure and trim the lace to fit each finger nail.

Step 2: Polish a single layer of top coat.

Step 3: Apply the trimmed lace on top of the wet polish.

Step 4: Firmly press the outer corners of the lace with a toothpick.

Step 5: Let the polish and lace dry for a few minutes

Step 6: Finish with two more applications of top coat.

1 comment:

me. katie kate. said...

love 'em! heck, they don't even need a special occasion--they are the occasion. i wonder if painting over the lace design in a colour to push the design onto the nail instead of the actual lace would work. could be funky!

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