Thursday, April 1, 2010

Vintage Shopping: 115 Suitcases

MLE found this etsy listing for 115 fabulous vintage suitcases. If you can drive out to Michigan and pick em up, they would be yours for a mere $700.

If you don't manage the decor in Anthropologie stores, what do you think you could even DO with that many suitcases???

A few suggestions:

1) Suitcase Furniture , ie chairs and ottomans

(via maybeproduct

2) Pet Beds

(via Vintage Renaissance)

3) Storage as cabinets or vanities

(via homedosh)

Though with that many suitcases, you could probably glue them all together and make an entire house out of them.


m l e said...

Or just stacking the pretty ones up and staring at them. Sigh!

bex said...

or putting all your possessions in them instead of moving boxes?

Damian said...

I would make a fantastic bookcase out of them.


start a "Hipster Wedding photo prop outlet"

you could make a killing in Provo.

bex said...

Geez, Damian. Why can't you be a little more eloquent like the guy that posted right after you?

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