Thursday, April 8, 2010

Buy It/Make It: Headboards

I missed a chance to purchase a wonderful golden velvet vintage headboard at an estate sale a few weeks ago (with matching bench - sniff) and have been kicking myself ever since. I love the look of a big tufted velvet headboard (though noone looks better in front of it than the lovely Betty Draper ...)

I know that there are new alternatives out there, so if I can't have vintage, I can at least look at my other options in another round of Buy it/Make it:

Padded Velvet Headboard:

Buy It: Urban Outfitters
Make It: Tutorial from Three Men and a Lady

Faux Headboard:

Buy It: Removable vinyl wall decals from Carefreesigns
Make It: Paint your headboard right on the wall (image via the now defunct Domino Mag)

Patterned Headboard

Buy It: Anthropologie
Make It: Wallpaper Headboard from Wallpaper Projects

1 comment:

m l e said...

I've never had a headboard.. but now I think I need one! Blik just introduced a line of headboard decals:

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