Thursday, March 11, 2010

What to Wear: Cropped Trousers

I'll be honest - the pants in my wardrobe don't vary much between jeans or leggings these days (my go-to for "dressing up" a little is always skirts and dresses), but all the cropped trousers that everyone is pulling off right now is inspiring me to get out of my comfort zone and maybe find myself wearing something other than skirts with tights.

I like the cropped (or rolled) slim trouser, the higher waists, the cute vintage blouses and the socks with sandals or oxfords:

calivintage | the snail and the cyclops
blushing ambition | facehunter
calivintage | The Sartorialist


Previously Pants said...

why oh why did I throw some great croped trousers away being sure we would never ever again wear them that short......

bex said...

That's the great thing about thrifting ... maybe you can go find some perfect pants that someone else has unwittingly thrown out too.

m l e said...

They look so cute with heels. Plus back in the day a sight of an ankle was guaranteed to drive men wild.. just saying..

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