Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Saving Face

There's only a few, rare occasions when vintage won't do. Bike helmets are one of those (experts tell me that the plastics in the padding break down over time). Pardon a little AVH soapbox, but, after a lot of very painful and expensive surgeries, I'm very committed to pairing cute bikes with equally cute helmets. Here's a few of my favorite, stylish ones.



Sawako Furuno

No longer for sale, but I like the idea of adding some vintage silk flowers your helmet.


1 comment:

bex said...

I'll tell you what I have seen is people riding their bikes around in vintage looking horse riding helmets. That black embellished one you pictured looks like one?

Thanks for the follow-up post on bike safety, since most of those lovely ladies pictured in previous post seem to have forgotten headgear...

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