Monday, February 8, 2010

Vintage Inspiration: Peter Pan Collar

I love collars.

Maybe on everything?

A neat little peter pan collar always catches my eye. I bought a pretty little stand-alone vintage pearl peter pan collar the other day, and like the idea of being able to stick a collar on anything that I already own (or even wear it with a low neckline as a necklace). Those ladies of the olden days had it right - just buy separate detachable collars and cuffs to change up a plain old dress instead of buying a dress every time you need something new.

A little collar inspiration today:

Vintage Pearl Collars

Black Apple | Pearly Queen | girlscoutdropout

Vintage Fur Collars

Sally Jane | thepuddingstore | calivintage

Crochet Collars

darlingdarling | freevintagecrochet | ?

Oversized Fabric Collars/Capelets

holly stadler | karenelmquistvintage | mette


Ms. B @ Millie Deel said...

I adore peter pan collars as well. Everything is cuter with a peter pan collar!

bex said...


As I was typing this, I also started wondering how the term "peter pan" came to describe that collar style. The Disney 'Peter Pan' I know certainly doesn't wander around in a cutesy collars.

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