Friday, August 17, 2012

Vintage Gift: Bridal Shower

In keeping with our recent bridal theme, I had to share the gift that I found for MLE's bridal shower: a book written in the 30's called Secret's of Love and Marriage by James Parker Hendry.

It deals with such tough subjects as the love problems of wives, dangers of petting, secrets of sex appeal and how to cure frigidity in a wife.. but one of the best things is the warning on the first page of the book, which reads:

"A study of marriage, prepared for the instruction of married men and women, and sold only to members of the medical and legal professions and to married persons, or to persons recommended by members of the recognized professions. This book will not be sold to minors and purchasers must agree to accept responsibility for safeguarding the book against coming into the hands of minors."

The author was probably worried that his advice would fall into the wrong hands, because it is full of lots of great "medical" advice like:

"It is particularly dangerous for a girl to start petting with a man the first few times she goes out with him. She should make sure that he is clean, honest and worthwhile. She makes herself cheap by offering easily won kisses. And no man wants a bargain counter wife who has been soiled and manhandled."

In other words, the perfect gift for anyone about to wed.

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