Monday, June 7, 2010

Estate Jewelry - Antique Wedding Rings

So, a major reason for the radio silence around the shop (besides all the traveling that has been happening lately) is the fact that I am engaged and getting married in under three months! So, rather than just ignore the internet like I have been doing, maybe I will blog about some of the wedding details that I am working on. We are incorporating a lot of vintage touches into the wedding, so there should be plenty to talk about!

I knew I wanted a vintage ring, and would have loved to have used some of my own family jewelry, though the rings my grandmother left us are a little more ostentatious than I wanted for my every day ring. My fiance ended up finding this little gem at a rummage sale benefit for a local museum - we got a really great deal on it since we didn't buy it from a store that had already marked it up past its appraised value, and I love the art deco feel to it and how low it sits to my finger. (it is actually a platinum ring from the 40s)

One of my favorite vintage/antique engagement rings is owned by my friend Emily, and was purchased at Lang Antiques here in San Francisco.

It is an estate ring, probably Edwardian, with a 2.5 carat rose cut diamond. Rose cut diamonds stopped being produced around 1900, but the cut gives it a low profile from the side and makes that 2.5 carat look huge.

Obviously I really like the round rings - if you want to emulate the look without spending too much, fake it here with a CV vintage style ring for a mere $38.

I looked around quite a bit online for good estate jewelry, but found that it didn't compare to checking the rings out in person. Do you guys have any good estate jewelry sources?

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Alice said...

Your ring is beautiful. I have one of my great grandmother's platinum rings...but it needed a stone...which was meant for something larger then I wanted...I actually I had no idea what I wanted and just got the ring jared suggested and I love it! Can't wait to see yours in person!

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