Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Vacation Inspiration - Peru!

We took a vacation from this blog a little longer than planned! The volcano did indeed ruin our trip to Paris, but I just unpacked all my cute day dresses and oxford shoes and packed my hiking boots and dirty jeans for Peru instead. It was a wonderful trip (maybe even better than Paris) and one of the things that I noticed was the wonderful bright colors that the Peruvian women were sporting. Some of the sweaters that they had were straight neon pink or blue or yellow - so bright! And they got away with matching all sorts of patterns and colors for a really colorful effect.

I think I've been channelling a little of that brightness is my own closet, since it seems like my new favorite color is the BRIGHT orange of the 60s/70s. These are a few of my own eye-popping vintage pieces:

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