Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Shop Previews - Find Us on Instagram and Facebook!

Guys. This blog hasn't had much published on it since, oh, 2013. And...I have a huge stack of really super vintage clothing that's been hanging out, unphotographed and unlisted for just as long.

I blame this baby that I had 18 months ago:

Finally, a use for all the vintage baby clothing I've been hoarding all these years!
For this shoot I  tracked down an old school portrait studio to make sure to get that classic
brown backdrop that we're all used to seeing in our baby pics from 40 years ago. 

But, I'm finally making an effort to get more clothing shot and listed and mailed away into happy homes, and trying to be better about telling people about it on social media.

For the most regular updates on our vintage clothing finds and shop, make sure to follow us on Instagram or Facebook.  Please check us out there!

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