Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Shop Preview: Costume-y

I was in a vintage shop the other day when a girl came in and told the shop owner that she was looking for a costume, and she was thinking of going as a flapper in an authentic dress. Vintage shops must get that kind of thing a lot around Halloween, often coming from people that probably don't wear vintage in their everyday life, and seem genuinely surprised that their local vintage shop doesn't have racks of pristine 20s dresses hanging there, waiting for someone to wear them for Halloween.

I guess the idea that vintage clothes are costume-y to a good portion of the population leads to one of my best thrifting secrets - I always check out the costume racks for pieces that the thrift store worker thought looked weird and retro but that I want to bring home and actually wear.

In honor of Halloween, I'm previewing a few gems that could be costume-y if you wanted them to be ... (but just know that I'd wear all of em on a non-Halloween occasion too).

Mad Men:

20's Inspired:
(or we have a fun fringe dress here)
Prom King:
Picnic Food:
A fabulous sequined party witch?
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