Friday, September 14, 2012

Estate Finds - Mod Tote

Sometimes the estates that I visit are orderly and clean ... but the ones I have the most fun in are those that make you dig a little bit. Don't get me wrong - I love walking into a house and seeing everything hanging perfectly in the closet, but there is something satisfying about having to work to find buried treasure as well. I went to this storage unit clean-out last week, donned a head lamp and sturdy shoes, and dove into this:

There were all sorts of gems to be found in there. One of my favorites that I brought home to my personal collection was this mod tote bag.

Complete with a matching small purse and "hidden" zippered compartment underneath for your secret feminine accessories.

So basically I have the cutest tampon holder around.

1 comment:

katie kate. said...

every proper lady needs a secret zippered compartment in her bag to hold her personal feminine accessories.

the estate dive looks like fun!

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