Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Collecting Vintage: Umbrellas

What's not to love about a well-curated collection of vintage lovelies?  Everything looks better in groups, and I love the idea of collections of pretty things that can be used.  Living in Seattle means finding ways to be stylish in the rain.  I've stumbled across some of the prettiest vintage umbrellas lately-- those things were made to last even in the wettest locales!  If you're eying one in a store, make sure that you open and shut it a few times to check that it works easily.  I also open it and hold it to the light to check for any holes. A solid vintage umbrella can protect you against torrential downpours and they seem to not blow out in the wind as much as newer ones.

A few from my collection:
  Pretty handles & patterns at a local vintage shop:
etsy and ebay both have some AMAZING ones for sale.

Now, a question for all of YOU:  how can I display these beauties and still have them handy for use?

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Louise.Amabilis said...

If you look on this page and scroll down,
there's a cute little umbrella display that could be done as a DIY.
Imagine the possibilities with shapes and colors!

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