Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Vintage Destination: Vancouver, Canada (Gastown)

I figured Gastown in Vancouver deserved its own mention, and we didn't have nearly as much time as we would have liked to eat at all the tasty restaurants there and poke our heads into all the cute shops.

I am a big fan of the Community Thrift and Vintage Frock Shoppe in Gastown. This shop was just for the ladies (and full of cute stuff!) and there's another Community Thrift around the corner for the men folk.

Community Thrift and Vintage: The Frock Shoppe
331 Carrall Street
Vancouver, BC V6B

My favorite non-vintage store was Old Faithful, with its high ceilings and brick walls and clean simple shelves full of well made, rustic beautiful products.

Old Faithful
320 West Cordova Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 1E8

I'm actually still kicking myself for not picking up that twine/scissor combo pictured above.

If you're heading north and want to know where else might be worth checking out, make sure to check out ourVintage and Thrift map of Vancouver and let us know what might need updating/adding.

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