Sunday, June 12, 2011

Vintage Wedding Dresses

I've been meaning to share some of the vintage details of my wedding here on this blog. I tried to incorporate vintage touches wherever I could in the wedding, so I'm sure I'll have a few posts to share.

For now, I want to talk about my dress - I already knew I wanted a vintage dress, so when I stumbled upon the perfect ruffled knee-length white dress, I bought it immediately (even though technically I wasn't even engaged yet - it was too good to let go):

(dress : Timeless Vixen | shoes : jrenee | belt: club monaco)

I'm a huge fan of the short wedding dress trend, but mostly just like that people seem to be doing whatever they want to with their dresses these days. Long, short, plain or colorful - its all okay, as long as the dress just screams "you". The dress I bought wasn't technically a "wedding" dress - I think it was a 50s prom number, but it worked.

if you want to go vintage for your wedding, we've got some fun vintage wedding-ish dresses hitting the shop this week:

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Looking for a vintage wedding dress, or want to design your own? These are some of my favorite other Vintage Wedding Dress Resources:

Posh Girl Vintage - Vintage wedding dresses to die for (lots of short 50's/60's wedding dresses)
Timeless Vixen Vintage - a well selected bunch of fancy-wear, wedding or not.
Dolly Couture - Reproduction/Vintage-inspired wedding dresses
Your Fairytale Wedding - Custom/Vintage-inspired wedding dresses
Angels Bridal Boutique - Custom Wedding Dresses


katie kate. said...

your dress perfectly screamed "you" from the rooftops of san francisco. i loved it. and i love that lacy number at the top of the pictures. lovely lovely.

m-l-e said...

Super helpful guide!!

Michelle said...

I just take a peek and I discovered your post. It has a great stuff and for me it was fabulous dresses. Big thanks for sharing.


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