Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Heritage Brands: Pendleton

The interwebs are abuzz with news that Pendleton is introducing a new line for next fall with slimmer fits, and a more modern look, dubbed the 'Portland Collection'. I'm going back and forth on this one. The early 90's saw a lot of the horse blanket + silver work button look. I'm not sure I'm reay to go back-- what about you?
There is a lot of vintage Pendleton around these days-- some lovely finds (if the nouveau stuff isn't you're cuppa).
Blanket Coat

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katie kate. said...

in ways of the plaid, pendleton is king and bringing it back, i have no doubt they'll be amazing. as for their navajo prints, i'm not so sure either. but pendleton is a strong rooted brand--perhaps their new vision is just what is needed in that department. i'm excited to see it unfold.

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