Friday, November 19, 2010

Vintage Renewal - Car seats

I always like to see some creative reuse for everyday objects that would otherwise go to waste. These companies are putting good use to the interiors of cars that have seen their last U-turn:

Platinum Dirt makes leather jackets out of leather Cadillac seats. Each VIN Jacket is handmade and completely unique. The $1200 price point is a little steep ... but I guess it is cheaper than actually owning a Caddie. The ladies can always pick up an oddly shaped purse or clutch as well. I like that they keep the Cadillac insignia on the leather, and use the hood ornaments and other decals as zipper pulls:

Kim White uses the interiors of anything from a Mustang to a Volkswagon to create these surprisingly stylish clutches and handbags (some more subtle than others, right Camaro bag?):

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