Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Hunt

I've become obsessed with finding the PERFECT Cheetah or Leopard print coat** this year (faux fur only, please). I'd like a classic chubbie style (yah, that's the technical term). Short + swingy. A big collar would be nice. Oh, and a vintage bargain is the dream.

Kate Spade's version has a great bow on the back:

Shopping at Buckle would make me feel like a teen-- but the price is right:

Etsy always has good options-- but the dream is a little shorter:

Have you found the perfect faux fur outerwear this year? Let us know!

*** bonus points if you can tell me the difference between these two animal prints.

1 comment:

bex said...

I like this one at Nordstrom's - that collar is killer. But the length is wrong again.

nordstrom's coat

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