Thursday, January 28, 2010

Vintage Rip-off - Anthropologie's Reed Shirtdress

It is no secret that lots of clothing these days is vintage inspired, but I was browsing the latest Anthro catalog, only to be quite taken with this little plaid "Reed Shirtdress" (by Moulinette Soeurs) that I swear was stolen straight from the 50's. I even own a vintage version of this dress in similar cut and pattern and hue.

So, anyway. As if you needed any reinforcement ... Anthro says shirtwaist dresses are big for spring! I just say find yourself a cute vintage original (and hem it up if you need it shorter than 50s knee-length fashion).


Ms. B said...

I love shirtdresses! I think you can never have too many!!

bex said...

Girl, I am 100% in agreement.

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