Monday, August 10, 2009

What would Don Draper Do?

Smile, straighten your cuffs and punch him in the face, that's what.

We're back from the Midwest with a bunch of treasures in tow, but while I download all the pics from my camera, I will get us all a little excited for the return of Mad Men this Sunday. I am anticipating another season of drinking on the job, illicit affairs, and mostly the freaking perfect outfits worn by Joan and Betty and all the other ladies (even little pony-tail Peggy has an enviable piece once every few episodes. Hopefully they give her character a sense of style soon).

I love these images that Annie Leibovitz took for Vanity Fair. Le sigh:

And since there are still six whole days to wait before you can catch the first episode, you can spend plenty of time playing around on MadMenYourself. I just like changing my cartoon's outfit seven times.

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