Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Estate Find: Vintage Pink Bathroom Scale

I've said it before, but one of my favorite things about estate sales is getting to check out the interior of someone else's house and get a sense for how they lived and what their style was. Some people you feel like you would have liked alot, based soley on their choice of wallpaper and couches.

This week I walked into a pretty nondescript estate sale. Nothing in the house would have made you suspect that there was anything but a normal, slightly boring, neutral color loving couple that lived there. That is, until I stepped into the upstairs bathrooom and was immediately overwhelmed by the amount of pink that had been amassed in such a small tiled space. It looked like Barbie had been throwing a Pepto Bismol party. Pink, pink, pink from floor to ceiling.

Suddenly my idea of the couple that had lived there changed. Maybe the husband had been insistent on a neutral color palatte throughout the house, despite living there through more colorful decades like the 70s. I imagined the woman, muttering under her breath things like "so you think pink should just be an "accent" color, do you?" as she carefully placed the pink shag bathmat underneath the pink porcelain toilet bowl.

The one thing I salvaged from the place was this pink scale for our neutral gray and white bathroom. I swear, husband, its just an accent piece.

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